Specialist Degree Course(Graduate School for Teacher Training) Advanced Program for Professional Teacher Education

Advanced Program for Professional Teacher Education (Graduate School for Teacher Training)

 Within the professional graduate school system, the graduate school for teacher training was established as a professional graduate school for teacher training.
 In recent years, in the field of teacher training, there has been a demand for competent teachers with more advanced expertise and rich humanity and social skills.
 In the Advanced Program for Professional Teacher Education, we train teachers with outstanding professional abilities based on the educational excellence of our university.

Basic principle

 The Graduate School for Teacher Training has a history of a master’s course that has aimed to create excellent education by alternating between theory and practice, and organizational cooperation with the Miyagi Prefecture Board of Education and the Sendai City Board of Education, which began in March 2001. It was established in April 2008 with the accumulation of these activities.
 We will implement an education that aims to pursue both the development of deep academic knowledge in each field and a high degree of specialization as a teacher.


We provide education exclusively for the training of teachers.

  • Training of teachers with excellent professional skills
  • Training of teachers who are capable of becoming school leaders with academic expertise and educational practical skills
  • Training of competent school leaders who can play a central and leading role in a wide area


  • In addition to problem-solving research at school, it is possible to deepen?research on each subject by enhancing the specialized staff.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for practical training, and more practical?research is possible.
  • There is an environment where teachers and students stimulate intellectually with each other.